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 Global Pharm Holdings Group, Inc. (“Global Pharm” or the “Company”) is an integrated pharmaceutical company with 19 subsidiaries in China and 12 subsidiaries overseas, including the China’s largest Chinese Herbal Medicine ("TCM") cultivation base, Wild Ginseng Cultivation base and the largest Wild Ginseng Trading Market in China. In June 2014, the Company invested and established Hong Kong Ginseng Exchange Limited, becoming the only electronic Ginseng trading platform in the world. The Company engaged in operation of wild ginseng spot electronic trading platform, pharmaceutical distribution, Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) herbal process, cultivation and sales, etc. Headquartered in Shenzhen City, Global Pharm currently employs more than a thousand of people.

The Company focuses on pharmaceutical distribution, TCM herbal processing, cultivation and sales. Through its eight wholly owned subsidiaries, Global Pharm engages in the business of pharmaceutical distribution, and it distributes about ten thousands types of products and has more than ten thousands of clients that spanned hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and drugstores, and other healthcare institutions. The Company engages in the cultivation of TCM herbs through its three subsidiaries. Global Pharm cultivates several varieties of Chinese herbs such as wild ginseng, chrysanthemum, salvia, Angelica, Wind, Schisandra, Rana, etc. The Company owns more than 60,000 mu of cultivation base, and will continuously expand its cultivation land area. Global Pharm also engages in TCM herbal pieces processing business through its GMP-certified herbal processing plant, which processes hundreds of herbal pieces. Bozhou Xinghe covers about forty Chinese Mu, and has a construction area of more than fourteen thousand square meters. The direct-processing with our stringent quality control will further guarantee our product quality. 

In Tonghua City of Jilin Province, the major cultivation area of Wild Ginseng and Ginseng in China, Global Pharm owns about 100 mu of cultivation area, with a construction area of more than 69,000 square meters of large scale Wild Ginseng Trading Market, which equipped with modern pharmaceutical logistic center and warehouse center. In addition, Global Pharm owns about 40 square kilometers of Wild Ginseng cultivation base in Liuhe District of Tonghua City, which is the largest Wild Ginseng cultivation base in the nation. In June 2014, Global Pharm invested and established HK Ginseng Exchange, which officially operated on September the same year. The Exchange provides the electronic platform for Ginseng products and ensures Global Pharm’s leading position in the industry. Meanwhile, the Company creates solid foundation of scientific, standardized, sustainable development and enhancement of world class brand reputation for Chinese Ginseng.

Global Pharm is able to create synergies from its business segments. Our distributed product portfolio is enriched with high-margin TCM herbal products obtained directly from our TCM herbal pieces processing and cultivation business. Furthermore, our cultivated TCM herbs will be distributed through the comprehensive regional sales channel built by our distribution team. The TCM herbal pieces processing plant will allow us to customize some herbal pieces products upon distribution customers' request, therefore, expanding our distributed product portfolio, and offering more quality products to our rapid growing sales channels. In the meantime, HK Ginseng Exchange relies on Group’s physical Ginseng trading market in Tonghua city of Jilin Province, the scaled modern logistics warehouse system, and precious wild ginseng resource in Northeastern China, professionally engaged in wild ginseng products trading, spot electronic trading and wild ginseng investment product R&D. The exchange helped Global Pharm to achieve the perfect upstream and downstream layout of Ginseng industry chain. 

Since the establishment, Global Pharm has always focused on the development of health industry as its strategic core, as well as strengthened its pharmaceutical distribution channel and placed its unique TCM products into its sales channels, in order to build the leading pharmaceutical company in Asia and in the world.